Safety Flares

Remember when the big thing to have in your trunk
was a reflective safety triangle or two?

Mike's Enterprises LLC reflective safety triangle

Now we have smaller compact LED Safety Flares.
Mike's Enterprises LLC Safety Disc
(Run Times average from 6 To 39 hours
depending on which of the 9 modes you use)

Safety Flares are a must for every car or truck on the road today,
not only for your safety but the safety of your family, friends,
other drivers and their families as well.

Just think if you were coming around a curve in the road and
there’s a car broke down in your lane but you didn’t see them
until it was too late, what happens?

You try your best not to hit the car and swerve but there’s a car
in the other lane so you slam on the breaks hoping to stop in time.

With our 3 pack of LED Safety Flares you have the best chance
of avoiding the worse and the best chance of surviving while
broke down on the road.

Another great use for the Flares are on your Bicycle while
riding at or around dawn or dusk which is the most
valuable times of the day to ride, Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are some Features:
LED flashing warning light are shatterproof, crush proof
rainproof, high quality and provides 9 warning light settings
Including an SOS rescue feature as well as a 3 LED flashlight.
Each Flare operates on 3 AAA batteries, (batteries not include).
Use our Flares for traffic control, as a warning light, as a rescue beacon,
or any other emergencies.

On the bottom of the Flare there’s a hook and strong
magnetic which makes it easy to attach to bicycles,
cars, trailers or anything else.

Only comes in Safety Orange which makes them easy to see.
Made from high quality lightweight shatterproof, crush proof and rainproof ABS.

Each order comes with three (3) compact flares (10*10*4cm/3.9*3.9*1.6in.).
Watch this video below, it will help you understand how the safety flares works.’s Enterprises LLC 3Pack LED Safety FlaresMike’s Enterprises LLC 3Pack LED Safety FlaresMike’s Enterprises LLC 3Pack LED Safety Flares